Real Estate

Buying a home is generally the biggest investment a person will ever make, and buyers want reassurance that they are dealing with someone they can trust and reach at all times. As a real estate agent, you need to portray a professional image to your prospects -- even when you’re out of the office or on the road.

E2E Technology understands the needs of real estate companies like yours. You have better things to do than wait for the phone to ring in the office. With our innovative phone system, you can manage your entire communications from wherever you are.


E2E Technology’s communications solution allows you to:

  • Share information with your colleagues via video conferencing and electronic fax
  • Greet clients with custom autoresponders
  • Track incoming calls to follow up with prospective clients
  • Create a toll-free number that serves as a single point of contact

Our phone systems are easy to set up and require no investment in additional hardware or equipment. This means you can offer better customer service and increase revenue while keeping costs under control.


Give remote workers and contractors the ability to connect with all team members with flexible communication systems.

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Deliver better customer experience with advanced phone systems specifically designed to meet the needs of your law firm.

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Improve patient engagement and satisfaction through powerful unified communications technology.

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Streamline procedures, speed document delivery, and access important information from any internet-connected device.

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